Monday, October 22, 2012

Make Youtube Videos to get free jewelry

Although we have uploaded detailed pictures on our online jewelry store www.cnsfashion, some customers still have doubts about jewelry quality, and said that"the price is too good to be true". So we decide to make some videos to show the quality. Anybody (in United Kingdom, United States, Canada) with a Youtube account and knows how to make a Youtube video can participate in this. After making the videos, please publish them to your Youtube channel and also send us the video links.We will  also use it on web site, too.
Products which needs to be videoed will be announced on the this blog from time to time, you can follow it:
Video Rules: (Please refer to this sample vedio:
1st Video must includes both close-up details & wear-on effect like below

2nd One video for one set of jewelry. We send at least 2 sets of jewelry to a winner. One set of jewelry is a group of jewelry that we think customers usually buy together. Please make a separate video for each set.
3rd Describe the jewelry in your word, and also tell which part you like most about each jewelry in the video.

To participate:
Please comment and leave your youtube link below the Posts which show jewelry to be vedioed(products need to videoed will be published in other posts).

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